25 programmatic points

for the world of Tradition resistant to health, globalist,

and trans-humanist totalitarianism

and for a return to authentic normality, common sense and natural law

in the freedom of the True, the Good, the Just and the Beautiful


- In the light of the Appeal, made by His Excellency the Most Reverend Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, for the realization of a Manifesto for a worldwide anti-globalist alliance;

- in the light of the subsequent anti-globalist Appeal of the Triarii Confederation (https://www.confederazionetriarii.it/iocisono-appello-antiglobalista/),with its related ideal and practical program, which constitutes the ideal and doctrinal basis of reference (and which we invite everyone to read in advance) of this further shorter programmatic document;

- and in the light of the dramatic and increasingly rapid events that are plunging Italy and much of the world into the vortex of vaccine health totalitarianism, of the "Great Reset and Reconstruction" (the so-called Great Reset) and of the so-called "New World Order" with the much announced "Agenda 2030," a complete synthesis of a-moral liberalism, communist egalitarianism and eugenic Nazism for the “Chineseization” of humanity,

  • Digital Transition: Posthumanism
  • Ecological transition: ecologism
  • Inclusive transition: genderism

We propose

for the purpose of the concrete union of all persons, associations and thinking leaders and those who are actively involved and who find in the roots of Christian Truth and of the Italian and European classical-Christian Tradition their own vision of the world, of life, and of human society,

the following



which presupposes and defines the previous Anti-Globalist Appeal.






To react to anthropological subversion and the ongoing post- and trans-humanism process underway


1. Defense of human life from conception to natural death (rejection of all forms of abortion and euthanasia);

2. "family" is considered exclusively that composed of father-mother-children and therefore open to natural procreation, and based on respect for the natural roles of the components;

3. rejection of any ideology that questions, or directly subverts, the moral order of creation as God conceived it and the human person as a creature of God endowed with soul and body;

4. absolute prohibition of all forms of genetic manipulation; genetics must act with full respect for the natural law and evangelical morality and therefore be truly and exclusively aimed at the care of the sick;

5. absolute prohibition to the introduction, by pharmacology or vaccine, of tracking or control methodologies or intervention on the natural psycho-physical functions of the human being in a tendentially eugenic perspective, as of any other form of physical or remote control; and the claim of the full authority of the human being over his own body and that of his youngest children (without prejudice to the states of exception that can really be found and as provided for by the classical and Christian juridical tradition).


6. A return to a naturalistic conception, in the classical sense, of law, bound to the natural and divine law, against every formulation – typical of contemporary thought – that is positivist and relativist, which entrusts to the formalism of the law a power capable of introducing into the juridical system even norms that are completely disconnected from the values inherent to the essence of man as God created him and / or of a totalitarian and dissolutive character.


To react to the globalist totalitarianism of the so-called New World Order


7. Unconditional defense of the personal freedom of the human being as God willed and created him, in the face of the risks of digital and cybernetic reprogramming, and unconditional claim to physical freedom, of movement and going out, of work and enterprise, of planning one's future, as well as of thought and action and association, within the limits of natural law, of the common good and of sure adherence to objective Truth;

8. defense of the national autonomy of peoples, above all in an anti-globalist key; in this sense, at the European level, instead of the current European-globalist project, the proposition of a European confederation of homelands and peoples, where each State maintains full sovereignty and its own traditional identity;

9. rejection of Jacobin-Hegelian statism and the liberal-Marxist party system, and creation of a societal expression of spiritual elites and of the working people, which finds its ideal and moral unity, therefore political, in full respect for the legitimate auctoritas, of the proper and secure potestas, trust in a judiciary free from ideologies and with an adequate judicial system and a prison system worthy of the dignity of every human being; and in the communitarianism of values, work, culture and identity;

10. greater implementation of the principle of subsidiarity, in every field of politics, administration and public coexistence, in defence of the role of intermediate bodies, of the essential freedoms of citizens and as a barrier to centralising totalitarianism; and respect for and promotion of traditional local autonomies and freedoms, such as cultural and civil identities;

11. rejection of immigrationist policies, with protection of national borders, understood as cultural and not only physical demarcation, and expulsion of all irregular people, favoring, with due economic and human support, the return home of immigrants, also through economic, investment and humanitarian aid, to peoples in difficulty in their lands through the launch of projects of economic, entrepreneurial and political synergies;

12. fiscal support for large families, in proportion to the number of children, with policies that favor the birth rate;

13. promotion of a reform of people's moral and behavioral customs, in a return to the values of honesty, loyalty, honor, industriousness, modesty, courtesy, sense of Beauty and sense of duty, which have always animated the generations of the past, from classical civilization continuing, in some ways, up until the 1950s.


To react to the so-called economic "Great Reset"


14. Defense of private property and free business and free trade, in compliance with the natural law, and promotion of appropriate policies against the exploitation of workers;

15. defense of the political sovereignty and monetary freedom of every people, with the use of preferably real money, that is metal and paper, of popular property not issued in debt or in any case managed as an instrument of support to the economy and for the well-being of the community;

16. promotion of the independence, as far as possible, of food and energy of each people, for the emancipation from subjection to stateless finance; and recovery under the responsibility of the State of strategic sectors of industry and services (highways, airports, ports, railways, telecommunications, aerospace, shipbuilding, raw materials, etc.);

17. defense and general reorganization of agriculture, which must once again be the foundation of the entire economy and of society itself;

18. promotion of craftsmanship, manufacturing and the entrepreneurial and artistic genius of every people (and first of all of the Italian entrepreneurial, artistic and manufacturing genius) and return to the professions and crafts connected to the natural reality;

19. drastic lowering of the tax burden below 20% of the actual personal or family income and of enterprise and complete tax reduction for all the enterprises until their income is certain and allows taxation without causing damage to the nascent company, with essential abandonment of the failed rigorism typical of economic austerity policies;

20. creation of a public bank and establishment of popular credit institutions that can make loans at subsidized rates to small-medium enterprises and businesses, to large and struggling families, to deserving students and the needy, and, at the same time, separation of commercial banks from speculative ones.


To react against the eugenics of Gnostic and cybernetic transhumanism


21. Research and scientific practice must be regulated by the objective norms of divine and natural law and by the disinterested spirit of Truth and humanity, favoring the creation of a different economic and commercial model to be applied to the pharmaceutical industries;

22. every doctor must be free to follow, in science and conscience, his own work at the service of the physical and moral health of the sick in the light of the immortal Hippocratic values and Christian charity towards one's neighbor, with the abolition of the rigid centralizing and ideological-statist system of therapeutic protocols


En respuesta al totalitarismo ideológico liberal-jacobino-marxista masificador

23. School, university and research will have to verify and re-present according to Truth and Morals all the notions acquired over the modern centuries, and especially in recent decades and years, with a very courageous process of liberation from all lies and errors. It will be necessary to proceed to a real reconstruction of general knowledge in the light of the Truth in every sector of human knowledge;

24. The selection of teachers and managers must take place without any partisan, ideological or factional influence of various kinds, but exclusively according to criteria of high  meritocratic choice, of which the same senior and titled teachers will be responsible before the law, to the cultural institutions of which they are part and to the whole scientific and cultural world;

25. the media information system must be free from party influences and economic-financial potentates, but at the same time a very faithful expression of objective Truth and factual reality. Only in the light of these values should the real professionals of sound and objective information be selected.


All this program would have no meaning or possibility of implementation, without the unconditional defense for the freedom of Catholic worship for a return to the true Faith of the Church of all time, as it was providentially concretized theologically, spiritually, doctrinally, liturgically, pastorally, in full harmonious progression, in the first nineteen centuries of its  existence.

For this reason we will always be ready to follow and support the clergy faithful to Tradition, to the Universal Magisterium of all time and to the Roman apostolic liturgy.


We invite all people, all associations linked to the Tradition of the Catholic Church and to the classical and Christian identity of Italy and Europe,  but also all those who in any case share in substance the program exposed, to join by subscribing to this program, supporting it:

  • with the massive dissemination of both through media and personally, also organizing presentations on site;
  • with the creation of local leaders for the structuring of a reality at national level;
  • and through the indispensable economic contribution that allows us to manage the whole project.

A similar force can also allow us to collaborate, as far as possible and  appropriate, with other similar organizations of different ideological approach,  but  always fully maintaining our total fidelity to the values and principles expounded upon: indeed, the greater the adherence of the people to this program, the greater the "contractual" strength of the ideals we believe in and strive for. And, therefore, the future can be influenced more in the light of the Gospel, of the natural law, and of Tradition.

Finally, we invite intellectual leaders, professionals of every sector and those who fight publicly, as well as the associations close to us, to join us and to reinforce, qualitatively and operationally, our common action. 


Economic support can be directed, for now, until otherwise provided, to the current account of the Confederation of Triarii, with the memo:  

“Free offering for the 'I am there' project":

For Italy: IT80M0623005034000035523243

For foreign countries: BIC CRPPIT2P450.




Massimo Viglione                 Historian, president of the Triarii Confederation

Aldo Maria Valli                    Vatican journalist

Daniele Trabucco                 Constitutionalist jurist

Silvana De Mari                    Psychologist, surgeon and essayist

Marco Eugenio Tosatti         Vatican journalist

Francesco Fontana               Lawyer, president of the association Iustitia in Veritate

Francesco Lamendola           Lecturer, philosopher

Don Claudio Crescimanno    Priest

Giuseppe Di Bella                  Surgeon, oncologist

Cosimo Massaro                   Essayist

Mario Iannaccone                Historian, essayist

Corrado Ruini                       Assessor



Paolo Gulisano                       doctor, essayist

Gianfranco Amato                 Lawyer, essayist

Luca di Fazio                          Lawyer, Vice president of the Confederazione dei Triarii

Guido Vignelli                        essayist

Antonio Bianco                      coordinator of the Triarii Web-Tv

Martino Mora                        docente, essayist

Andrea Sciuti                         Municipal Councilor of Florence



Confederation of the Triarii

Iustitia in Veritate

Brigade for the Defense of the Obvious




by His Excellency the Most Reverend

Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò



December, 7th 2021

Saint Ambrose, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of the Church

Vigil of the Immaculate Conception



Dear Professor Viglione,


I have attentively read your email for the constitution of an Italian movement inspired to support the Anti-Globalist Alliance. I thank you for your commitment and for the initiative, which is also supported by the Confederation of the Triarii.


Without prejudice to the necessary autonomy of the laity in social and political action – in which it is opportune that the Bishops are not directly involved – I can only encourage you to pursue this path which has been undertaken, giving my heartfelt blessing to this momentum for moral and civil rebirth inspired by the principles of the Gospel and the social doctrine of the Church.


This undertaking, which appears to be opportune and necessary, at a moment in which the globalist and anti-Christian forces of the Great Reset seem to want to impose a global tyranny and cancellation of Religion – albeit disguised. It is precisely during these days that the attempt to eliminate any mention of Holy Christmas, of religious festivities and Christian names under the pretext of not offending non-believers and believers of other religions.


These hypocritical operations aim at cancelling our identity, annulling the presence of Christians in society, politics, and culture. Catholics must respond to such iniquitous maneuvers with firmness and pride, making their own the words of the hymns for the Feast of Christ the King: Te nationum Præsides honore tollant publico, colant magistri, judices, leges et artes exprimant. Submissa regum fulgeant tibi dicata insignia: mitique sceptro patriam domosque subde civium. May the rulers of the nations honor you with public worship, may teachers and judges venerate you, may laws and the arts express You. Let the insignia of kings shine, subjected to You: with your sweet Scepter govern our Homeland and the families of all citizens. [...]


On the blessed day on which we celebrate the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary Most Holy, I exhort you to invoke the powerful protection of the glorious Virgin, Mediatrix of all Graces and Queen of Victories. Place your every action under Her mantle and your entire selves, because only by pleasing the august Mother of God will you be able to be pleasing to Her Divine Son. May your action be aimed at making Christ the King and Mary the Queen reign in your hearts, in your families, in your cities, in your Homeland and in the entire world.


We ask Her, who in Her Immaculate Conception was preserved from original sin in order to be the worthy Tabernacle of the Most High and the Mother of Our Divine Redeemer, to strike the head of the ancient Serpent, and defeat the infernal plans of those who are subjected to the reign of the Anrichrist. May She lead sinners to conversion and repentance, enlighten those who are far off, and shake the fearful and slothful from their sluggishness.


To you, dear Professor, and to all those who spend themselves for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, I wholeheartedly impart my greatest Blessing.


+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop